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How to protect your pet for July 4th
One of our goals at Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada is to keep pets out of shelters and in their existing homes—and July 4th is perhaps the riskiest day of the year for them to escape because of stress brought on by fireworks and their loud noises.
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Kitten covered in Liquid Nails gets help thanks to Nevada connections
An elder in the Yerington Paiute Tribe found a kitten underneath her house last week covered in Liquid Nails and an infection on top of that.

Animal control officer Tommy Guttierez contacted Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada about finding someplace that could help the kitten. We found an organization that agreed to provide veterinary care: Nevada Humane Society.
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Inspiration at the First Saving Nevada’s Pets Conference
For people in animal welfare, time for networking with peers can be hard to find. So we were pleased that more than 70 people from across Nevada and five invited speakers joined us June 5 for the first Saving Nevada’s Pets Conference in Las Vegas. Top leadership of the state’s largest humane societies and SPCAs, as well as directors and managers of animal services agencies, nonprofit spay/neuter clinics, rescues, and TNR groups large and small, came together from across the state for a day of networking and inspiration.
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Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days locations
Animal shelters and pet rescues all over Nevada will offer free pet adoptions for dogs and cats Friday and Saturday April 27-28.

The event is sponsored by Maddie’s® Pet Project in Nevada and made possible by Maddie's Fund® and the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation. It’s part of Maddie’s® Pet Project’s goal to increase the chances that cats and dogs in Nevada shelters will find good homes.
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Governor Sandoval proclaims April 26 to be Maddie’s Day
Gov. Brian Sandoval has proclaimed April 26 to be Maddie’s Day at a ceremony at Nevada Humane Society in Reno.

The proclamation kicks off a two-day event starting Friday called Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days that features free cat and dog adoptions from shelters and rescue groups across the state.
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Nevada shelters team up to find homes for 49 cats, 6 rabbits with transport to Reno
When animal lovers work together, there is not much that they cannot accomplish. This is one of the underlying beliefs of Maddie’s Pet Project in Nevada. So when we spoke to the team at The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, the largest animal shelter in Nevada, and they said they could use help with cat placement we made a connection with Nevada Humane Society in Reno. There are times of the year where shelters in Washoe County are low on cats, and they were happy to help out.
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Connecting human and pet health at Las Vegas event
Making sure Nevadans have access to veterinary care for their pets in underserved areas is one way Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada is creating a safety net for cats and dogs.

To do this, we are connecting animal welfare groups with human services organizations. These partnerships may take place in rural, tribal, or low-income urban areas within Nevada.
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