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Over 950 cats and dogs adopted out across Nevada in 2 days
More than 950 cats and dogs were adopted out across Nevada this past weekend.

Forty-one shelters and rescue groups made it happen as part of a free-adoption event organized by Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada, a new three-year campaign aimed at helping more homeless cats and dogs find good homes and creating a safety net for pets by improving access to veterinary care in the Silver State.
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New survey uncovers Nevada’s big love for cats and dogs
The fate of animals in shelters is important to 91% of Nevadans.

That’s what a new 2018 survey commissioned by Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada found.

The survey also found that the vast majority – 87% – say the well-being of cats is important to them, and 97% say the same for dogs.
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Free pet adoptions April 27-28 across Nevada
Hundreds of dogs and cats will be available for free adoption April 27-28 at shelters and rescue groups across Nevada during Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days.

The event is happening thanks to a new initiative called Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada that aims to create a safety net for cats and dogs by increasing adoptions from shelters and improving access to veterinary care in underserved areas.
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