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Simple ideas to improve your cat or dog’s quality of life
One of the key phrases at our house is “quality of life.” It’s the deciding factor on many purchases as well as actions that involve our animals. Whenever we get a new species (there are about 10 at our house!), we try to figure out what would do the most to increase their quality of life.
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The Pet Tech Trend
It’s a new year and that means new trends for our furry family, and these days, human trends and pet trends are coming together. A survey by Michelson Found Animals Foundation, a nonprofit social enterprise committed to saving pets and enriching lives, revealed that as we better ourselves, we are also doing the same for our pets.
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Northern Nevada’s Oldest No-Kill Animal Shelter
The SPCA of Northern Nevada is the second largest nonprofit animal shelter in Washoe County. It was founded in 1997 as the first no-kill animal shelter in the community. I recently had a chance to talk with its executive director, Jill Dobbs, about her work there.
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Christmas Gifts for Cats
It’s only fitting that I’m writing about holiday gifts for cats, especially as I’m shopping for my own (all adopted) and sharing photos on their Instagram with captions like “Meowy CATmas.” The number of people that I know who include their pets in holiday festivities is off the chart, so here are some fun gift ideas for your feline family.
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OUCH - My cat must think I’m a giant mouse
Cats love to play and it’s fun to watch their antics, and sometimes we can become the target of that play. Some cats play by jumping out from behind a dresser to swat your leg as you walk by or pouncing on your feet as they move under the covers at night. Many people think this type of play is fun but others might be upset being on the receiving end of feline play, especially if it results in a bite or a scratch. Regardless of how you feel about this behavior, it’s important to understand it.
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When your pet dies
Every morning Minerva, one of our pet Nigerian Dwarf goats, would come bounding out, eager to gobble down a Fig Newton followed by a breakfast of hay. Suddenly this past weekend, Minerva seemed a bit off, she was not eating as well and the next morning she was dead. It was both shocking and horribly sad.
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Help! My cat keeps doing bad things to my bed
A reader named Arthur wrote: “I enjoyed your article in RGJ [Our Nevada, “4 things to consider if cat stops using litterbox”] and am dealing with a slightly different problem with my two 14-year-old sister kitties. They have always been very dependable in the usage of their litter boxes and have been indoor cats their whole lives. Within the past few months, one has had occasional diarrhea and at those times has decided that my bed is the place to defecate! As a result, I’ve had to start closing the bedroom door and she returns to the litter box usage. Any ideas as to why and prevention tactics other than closing off the room all day (which I hat doing, since they both like to curl up on the bed throughout the day). Thank you.”
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6 pawsome gift ideas for the dog lover in your life
At our house, dogs always get presents at Christmas. They probably love ripping open the packaging more than the present itself, but what can you do?
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Are pets OK as gifts? Sure, with common sense
With the holidays coming up, some animal groups will be promoting pets as great gifts while other places will say this should never be done. These contradictory messages can be confusing.
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It takes a village to help Nevada’s pets
It takes a village. This statement couldn’t be truer for people and pets alike, especially this time of year, as people are more focused on giving back and coming together. It’s also appropriate as Maddie’s Pet Project in Nevada is wrapping up five big events that brought communities together — events that helped elevate the status of dogs and cats and raise awareness that we’re doing something big in Nevada.
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Saving Lives at Washoe County’s Largest Nonprofit Animal Shelter: An Interview with Greg Hall of Nevada Humane Society
Greg Hall recently took the helm of Nevada Humane Society (NHS) as its CEO. I had a chance to catch up with him and ask him about his goals and plans.
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Spay/neuter of 142 pets Wadsworth shows need in outlying areas
Vinton Hawley commented that he sees stray dogs and cats roaming around Nixon, Wadsworth and Sutcliffe. They are three communities inside the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe’s reservation where Hawley is chairman.
“We look forward to a big turnout,” Vinton Hawley said before a free spay/neuter clinic Oct. 12-13 in Wadsworth for the tribe’s members. The turnout, indeed, was big. People were lined up outside the clinic’s doors that first day, and it only got busier the next day.
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Facial recognition technology could save your lost pet Facial recognition technology for dogs and cats may sound far-fetched, but it’s a reality now and in use in Nevada’s major metro areas.
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Does your dog feel guilt for being naughty?
There are many myths about dogs but I think one of the most common is that dogs know when they have done something “wrong” and show guilt when they are confronted about a misdeed that happened in the past.
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Kids, Two and Four-Legged Alike
Kids and pets are a natural combination, but there are also some things you can do to help ensure that the relationship is rewarding and safe for both parties. Even if you don’t have a pet or children, basic skills for kids and pets interacting are important.
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Q&A: Litter Box Woes
•  Question: My cat is no longer using the litterbox. What do I do?
•  Answer: This is an important problem to know how to solve because some people “solve” it by taking the cat to the nearest shelter, which will have a hard time finding a new home for a cat labeled as having litterbox issues. This is best corrected in the cat’s current home. A vet visit may be needed, but here are five things you might consider first.
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Nevadans Love Cats and Dogs
I sat with a national expert for veterinary issues recently going over 2018 survey results about Nevadans and pets. He was astonished at the answers on where we get our cats and dogs.
“Those are way above the national average,” said Mark Cushing, a Veterinary Innovation Council board member.
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Older Pets Give and Need Love
When I first noticed Mogli, I was not looking for a cat to adopt, but I was drawn to this happy gentleman with his old battle scars. Mogli, it seems, spent most of his 10 years on the streets of Sparks, but most older dogs and cats arrive at a shelter after years of a comfortable life with a person they loved. The reasons vary, but often they are there because their person has either passed away or can no longer care for them.
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Cat Lounge Comes to Reno
A Cat Lounge in Reno? Yes, please! For the past few years, cat cafes have been popping up across the country. It’s unique because not only does it promote aspiring entrepreneurs, but it offers a place for homeless cats until they find a loving family of their own. A personal fan, I’ve been following several cat cafes and enjoy watching their success—so will Reno embrace the trend?
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How to protect your pet for July 4th
One of our goals at Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada is to keep pets out of shelters and in their existing homes—and July 4th is perhaps the riskiest day of the year for them to escape because of stress brought on by fireworks and their loud noises.
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Kitten covered in Liquid Nails gets help thanks to Nevada connections
An elder in the Yerington Paiute Tribe found a kitten underneath her house last week covered in Liquid Nails and an infection on top of that.
Animal control officer Tommy Guttierez contacted Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada about finding someplace that could help the kitten. We found an organization that agreed to provide veterinary care: Nevada Humane Society.
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Inspiration at the First Saving Nevada’s Pets Conference
For people in animal welfare, time for networking with peers can be hard to find. So we were pleased that more than 70 people from across Nevada and five invited speakers joined us June 5 for the first Saving Nevada’s Pets Conference in Las Vegas. Top leadership of the state’s largest humane societies and SPCAs, as well as directors and managers of animal services agencies, nonprofit spay/neuter clinics, rescues, and TNR groups large and small, came together from across the state for a day of networking and inspiration.
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Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days locations
Animal shelters and pet rescues all over Nevada will offer free pet adoptions for dogs and cats Friday and Saturday April 27-28.
The event is sponsored by Maddie’s® Pet Project in Nevada and made possible by Maddie's Fund® and the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation. It’s part of Maddie’s® Pet Project’s goal to increase the chances that cats and dogs in Nevada shelters will find good homes.
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Governor Sandoval proclaims April 26 to be Maddie’s Day
Gov. Brian Sandoval has proclaimed April 26 to be Maddie’s Day at a ceremony at Nevada Humane Society in Reno.

The proclamation kicks off a two-day event starting Friday called Maddie's® Pet Adoption Days that features free cat and dog adoptions from shelters and rescue groups across the state.
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Nevada shelters team up to find homes for 49 cats, 6 rabbits with transport to Reno
When animal lovers work together, there is not much that they cannot accomplish. This is one of the underlying beliefs of Maddie’s Pet Project in Nevada. So when we spoke to the team at The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, the largest animal shelter in Nevada, and they said they could use help with cat placement we made a connection with Nevada Humane Society in Reno. There are times of the year where shelters in Washoe County are low on cats, and they were happy to help out.
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Connecting human and pet health at Las Vegas event
Making sure Nevadans have access to veterinary care for their pets in underserved areas is one way Maddie's® Pet Project in Nevada is creating a safety net for cats and dogs.

To do this, we are connecting animal welfare groups with human services organizations. These partnerships may take place in rural, tribal, or low-income urban areas within Nevada.
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